Human beings have experienced a close relationship with music. For more than two hundred years and that connection has remained so until today, for this reason there have been many musical genres that have existed and have become new trends.

The instruments were made of materials that provided the same nature, with the passage of time has undergone great changes and now we have a wide variety of instruments and musical genres. Some of these styles are created from computers, with special programs that even help to modify the voice, thus taking care of the tuning.

There are those who assure that music is no longer as it used to be, but in the same way the hearing generation is not either and it is precisely that which makes possible the creation of new styles, rhythms and melodies that take possession of the minds and hearts for specific seasons, this is known as musical tendency.

The musical tendencies seem to be too changing lately, the creation of new record houses and technological resources that make all those who want to look like good singers have favored the market and for the vast majority of the population this does not seem important, so the new songs are positioned at the top one day and the next are already at the bottom.

However, there are certain musical styles or genres that have been maintained over time and these are the ones that become the trend for a not-so-short period of time.

Characteristics of the different musical genres

The musical genres are styles that have something in common, that is to say, that they are for some specific function, similar instruments are used and an endless number of variations more.

Between the great amplitude of the genres in the music we can name the rock that has been marking tendency from the 50s and has been maintained until the date, its rhythms have variations that do of this genre one of the widest that are known until the date.

In the same way there is the Pop, whose style comes from Anglo-Saxons in the fifties and with influences from British music. This musical genre remains among the most popular.

Electronic music and rap are relatively new genres that have gained strength in recent years. Both are characterized by constant innovation including new variations that allow exponents of these genres to conquer fans with each new creation.

Classical music is one of the best-known genres in the world as it is the favorite for the anthems of each nation, coming from the year 1750 in the midst of the era of classicism. The most outstanding characteristics of this genre are balance, harmony and, in recent years, romanticism especially in Beethoven’s compositions. Among its exponents are Mozart, Haydn, Bach and others.

Most listened to music genres

Musical genres are being transformed, unfolded, deepened or discovering multiple facets from time to time, which is why many times one genre sounds similar to another. Next we will see the genres that have remained in trend lately.

  • Korean Pop: It’s a genre that has been making its way with slow but steady steps. It comes from South Korea and it’s a contagious mix of urban rhythms and Western music. Some of the most famous exponents of this genre are Momoland, Bigbang, among others.
  • Trap: It emerged in the 90s and to this day has become one of the strongest genres. It mixes rap and Edm with explosive rhythms and lyrics too realistic, many of these songs maintain a language that is offensive but does not seem to bother much as it is one of the musical genres that has remained at the top of new trends. The most famous exponents of this genre are Dallafuente, Bad Gyal, Bad Bunny and more.
  • Feminist urban music: Here we have one of the great revelations of the last months, its exponents are women with the talent to transmit, with their lyrics loaded with reality and feeling, the vindication of the feminine gender since urban genders in general tend to degrade women.

All musical instruments have their place within the new trends

  • Folktronica: a strange but interesting mixture between folk music and the elements of electronic music. Baiuca, María Arnal or Marcel Bagés are some of the exponents that have become a trend with this musical genre that is making its way to the top.
  • Pop: This is one of the genres that are always kept in trend, the music or pop style can be soft, like the ballad or become a more lively pop. It is characterized by constant rhythms, a well marked drums and the use of soft instruments such as guitar or piano. It is a relaxed genre that maintains deep lyrics that manage to enter the mind and heart of those who listen to them. Pop is one of the most listened musical genres in the whole world as well as classical music, rock, reggaeton, jazz, among others.

Musical trends go hand in hand with the society that listens to them

The fact that some musical genres are trend and others are not so much does not mean that those that are heard by a smaller group of people will disappear. The music is broad in every sense, you just have to be creative to create new versions.

You can’t make music thinking about liking people, art is created only because it is and when it flows only the result is satisfactory. Music is not just a matter of fashion, it is something that goes beyond, that is found within each individual. Let’s always remember that if there is music playing there will always be someone willing to listen to it, regardless of the genre.

Popular music” is the set of musical genres that attracts mass audiences and is distributed through the large music industry. It is often contrasted with traditional or cultured music, which is disseminated academically and orally to more minority audiences.

The concept of popular music has varied throughout history. In some rural regions, it is still that which is passed down from generation to generation as a “cultural heritage”, although folk and popular music are often contrasted.

Today, the word usually designates that type of music that is consumed by a large number of fans, due to its accessible and striking composition. Some genres belonging to popular music are Rock, Pop, R&B, Soul and Jazz.