With ten years of street fights and club gigs behind him, Chicago rap artist and hip-hop artist PonyPak is now a veteran in his field. His new CD release, Words Are Power: Quantity 1, is pioneering a special design of Rap music

PonyPak began DJ-ing and also mixing home songs tapes when he remained in the eighth quality. That early beginning assisted him create a style that is pure PonyPak: provocative, non-violent and observant lyrics set to the best beats coming out of Chi-Town. Followers will not find any kind of obscenity in PonyPak’s words. It is not his design. Urban Intelligence is the message he intends to communicate to his huge following, both young and also old. A recent Channel 19 Gain access to performance in Chicago brought in a record variety of customers varying from university student to 30-somethnig professionals.

The 12 initial tracks that comprise Words Are Power: Quantity 1 are filled with raw honesty sheathed in hope. The opening track, This is Chicago, pays homage to PonyPak’s home town as well as its deep-rooted people. By calling out road names and also areas and also utilizing vernacular like “land of the ballers and sparkling wine customers,” he provides a nod to the regional scene. The use of ‘mafia noise’ and Spanish guitar is likewise a homage to Chi’s abundant background as well as variety.

Slang-A-Ball is a fact- based, banging metropolitan narrative regarding maturing in the darkness of rushing – the appeal of selling dope tempered by understanding the consequences. On The Other Hand, Mack Please integrates timeless jazz with today’s noise. The cut features various tracks; each mixed with a spoken back scrape. The jazz version uses a mellow vibe against a smooth rap while the second fifty percent starts with a spoken back scratch that brings about the renowned “diamond in the back, sunlight roof top, digging the scene with a gangster lean” ambiance. Find out more tips on making rap music from dj e-feezy.

On Don’t Injured ‘Em, PonyPak puts the bass in your face, replicating a hefty automobile thumping beat with ‘electronika’ toys behind-the-scenes. They are coupled with cocksure verses like as “My verbal neurotoxins damage your body movement, as well as rip apart paragraphs with lyrical suffering.” At the other end of the spectrum, Splash proves a display for deep home music from the underground audios of Chicago, featuring metropolitan poetry with syncopated audios of old institution.

The Actual Mc Coy has a deep heart R&B noise combined with deep blues and a rap design that is smooth as well as engaging. On Sprinkle II Remix, a thumping dance track merges with hot city poetry lyrics and symbolic language and also takes home music to an additional level with a great motif synthesizer and an organic keyboard dancing noise.

Headz Up limelights PonyPak as MC manufacturer with a rock-influenced lead guitar and heavy drum characteristics with an A Capella finishing that includes in the tune’s individuality. Self-constraint takes the audience deep into PonyPak’s thoughtful verses listened to over a west coastline R&B noise. Meanwhile, Mack 2 swings the state of mind to a Latin reggae dance ambiance while Eternity preserves that reggae ambiance making use of a cool circulation and also a great use rhyme and alliteration with an awesome standard.

Say goodbye to offers thought provoking words about the battle in Iraq as well as the misery of the American people, especially the wives, partners, moms and dads and also youngsters of dead soldiers. PonyPak parallels the war with the physical violence, fatality, injustice and also inequality in America (” Killings, killings, killings soldiers as well as private citizens” and also “One billion dollars to rebuild one more area”). It is perhaps one of the most effective track of the album. The final cut, fittingly highlights the CD’s title and also message: “Words Are Power.”

PonyPak is both humbled by as well as happy for the opportunity to have his music heard and his message spread. His objective is to be part of the world’s music community that collaborates to make music regarding love, hope, concern and also respect for human life. “There is a great deal of discomfort as well as suffering on the planet,” he comments.

Gary J. Carrion

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