Although Correos – or by its full name Sociedad Estatal Correos y Tel├ęgrafos, S.A., S.M.E. – currently sends and delivers hemp products throughout Spain including the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and even Andorra, you should think twice and do your homework before sending a CBD oil product to a friend or family member in another region or country.

We understand that the information we find about sending CBD mailings is a bit confusing, but if there is one thing we can be sure of it is that these products fall under the category of “sensitive goods”.

CBD – Sensitive Goods

Regardless of their place of origin or destination, CBD products, and in particular products containing THC, are subject to certain movement restrictions. Sometimes, customs or other administrations may apply certain restrictive national and international rules and it is therefore often necessary to accompany these products with certain specific documents such as import or export licences, certificates and authorisations.

For example, in the Canary Islands and Andorra shipments must be accompanied by an original customs invoice and a special import declaration.

What about within the European Union?

Currently in the EU there are many countries that allow hemp products to be marketed and sold. But beware, any illegal substance, narcotic or psychotropic including hemp is totally prohibited! You should always contact the local competent authority to make sure that it is possible to ship to this country and if possible accompany your shipment with a legal authorization. For example, for shipments to Denmark certain special permits are required to purchase CBD products, so shipments are restricted and must be accompanied by a legal authorization.

Outside the European Union – Don’t even think about it!

Never try to send a package containing THC, hemp or other illegal substances internationally. You will definitely get caught because the package will be X-rayed when it goes through customs. Depending on the country you send it to when it arrives, it will be X-rayed and examined thoroughly. In many countries, packages from a foreign country are opened and thoroughly inspected by customs officials. If you are caught, the consequences are worse for the recipient in the other country. Needless to say, we do NOT recommend it.

In Jerez alone, the National Police have seized more than fourteen postal items containing narcotic substances since 2018. These shipments contained various quantities of hashish or hemp and had been sent from municipalities in the province of Cadiz to municipalities in other autonomous communities or other European Union countries.

How do you detect them? These seizures are the result of a joint collaboration between the National Police, the Post Office and private mail companies that use devices with over 90% efficiency for the detection of drugs in any envelope or package. If the presence of drugs is positive in postal consignments, the facts are reported to the National Police for seizure and the information is passed on to the competent judicial authorities to investigate the location and identification of the sender and recipient. The persons responsible are investigated as suspected drug traffickers.

If you are thinking that you can get away with sending hemp through the Post Office using a false name and address, you are wrong! Many people don’t realize how sophisticated mail tracking is these days, and if there is an investigation, a package can easily be traced back to the original sender (fake name or not). Forget about the tips and tricks you can find online because the consequences outweigh the benefits.

Have you ever had problems receiving packages of CBD products in the mail? What are the rules and regulations in your country? Share your story in the comments!

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Gary J. Carrion

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